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Douglas Chang (Director/Writer/Producer) has spent much of his career bridging the worlds of public television and independent film.  His first film, Absent Father, premiered at the Dhaka International Film Festival in 2008 and was nominated for best feature at the Religion Today Film Festival in Trento and Rome, Italy. His latest project, Chaography: Variations on the Theme of Freedom, has been named a Finalist in the Ultimate Filmmaker Competition and the Roy W. Dean Film Grant. He also played an integral role on two PBS programs: “P.O.V.”, the acclaimed documentary series; and “City Arts,” a groundbreaking art and culture series, where he worked with some of the world’s most prominent artists. From 2001 to 2003, he served as programming director for KCET, the central PBS station in Los Angeles, reaching the second largest public television market in the United States.


Jessica Kadish (“Abigail”) has performed on stage in numerous plays, earning a best leading actress award at the Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center. She has trained at the University of Chicago, Stagedoor Manor and the Notre Dame Summer Institute of the Arts.






Beth Cloutier (Director of Photography) has served behind the camera on countless films, documentaries, reality programs and live concert productions.. She co-produced and filmed the fiction short Compliments of the Serpent, starring Roscoe Orman and Novella Nelson. Her animated short, Building World Peace, screened at the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, and her documentary Ignited, exploring the subculture of fire artists, is currently in post-production.

Allison Sherman (Writer/Producer) grew up in Malden, Massachusetts, where she now lives with her eight-year-old son Andre. When not producing indie films, she works as a medical technician and is pursuing a degree in Biology.


Deborah Chang (Producer) has collaborated on two Passion Play projects. She holds a degree in Urban Planning from  New York University and has managed budgets in excess of one million dollars.


John Doe (“Tony”) helped change the face of rock music with the band “X.” Their album “Los Angeles” was voted one of the ten best punk rock albums of all-time, and two of their albums are in Rolling Stone’s “All-Time Top 500” list. He has gone on to have a critically acclaimed solo career and has acted in films like Boogie Nights, Sugartown and The Good Girl.


Anna Holtzman (Editor) made her first documentary, Subway Dreams, about artists who perform in the New York City subway system. She graduated from the prestigious Edit Center, working with the acclaimed documentary director Edet Belzberg, and served as a camera intern on Broken English, directed by Zoe Cassavettes.


Blerti Murataj (Editor) has worked on numerous films and television series, including “The Russians” and “The American Revolution” for the History Channel.


Madeleine Fix-Hansen (Original Music) is a multi-talented artist working in music, graphic design, animation and video. She also leads the indie rock band M-Fix, whose music is featured in the film..


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